The Note to Select Best Water Purifier

Not everyone knows that drinking impure water is the cause of some health problems. Using pure water will keep you away from the risk of unexpected diseases and other costs of extra bills for medicines. But it can be a difficult decision when purchasing the best water purifier that is suitable for your family. Because you do not have sufficient knowledge about the impurities in water. Thus, you should consider the factors below to make sure you have the most suitable product for a comfortable home use.
1. Determining the composition of impurities in the water source
The first deciding factor is that the source of water should be observed carefully. Water contains lots of impurities which are harmful to your health so that you need to choose the most suitable water purifier to remove them before drinking. Because the composition of impurities is different in each water source including heavy metals like lead, mercury, dissolved salts, pesticides or germs, viruses and so on, which keep on accumulating in the body through food and drink and are the main cause of diseases.

2. Types of water purifier present in the market
Even if you just search on the Internet, you will get amazed how many water purifiers are available there. That is not including hundreds of products sold on the market working on different types of technologies. Each product has its purification process depending on the impurities present in the water source. That is the reason why you should determine the cleanliness level of water at first.Based on different feature and functions, there are mainly 3 types of purifier including RO Water Purifier, UV Water Purifier, and UF Water Purifier.

• RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers can remove all kinds of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and a high level of dissolved salts in water. This system requires electricity to purify water.
• UV (Ultra-violet) water purifiers are best in eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses and other microorganisms from the water thanks to the ultra-violet radiations. This product also requires electricity.
• UF (Ultrafiltration) water purifier is a method using threads of fibers to separate suspended particles and solute (impurities) through the membranes. Although electricity is not needed to clean water, this product can also produce pure and clean water with excellent taste.
3. Electric or Non-Electric Water Purifier
The third decide is what product you want to have, electric or non-electric water purifier. The non-electric water purifier is simple and easy to use. Besides, the cost of non-electric purifier is lower than the electric one. If you are living in areas, which have bad electricity conditions, non-electric water purifiers are best. However, the efficiency and capacity are not as good as the electric water purifier. Therefore, thinking carefully about what kind of product you will purchase is not superfluous.

4. The quality of water purifier
There are many factors, which determine the quality of a good water purifier and durability is one of them. So, the fact that everyone wants to have the best water purifier with the longest duration of use for home.
Moreover, depending on the number of your family members, you need to have a water filter with higher capacity or not.You should not spend lots money investing for high capacity water purifiers with high cost while the demand for using water is lower than the amount of water that the device produces.

5. The reliable brand
Choosing a reputable brand is the final step before buying a water purifier. A good brandname will come with a good company that uses the best quality of membranes and filters in each product. Besides, you need to care about the free warranty and installation as well as after-sales policy once you pay attention to the product of a certain company.

Furthermore, you should check about the maintenance cost of each type of water purifier because it is required after every 3 to 4 months of using. This helps you avoid paying a lot of money for maintenance.
You should keep in mind the points above when selecting best water purifier for pure and clean water. Hope you have learned a lot and make a right decision.


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