What can we buy best headphones under 100 $?

Nowadays, the demand of enjoining film, music, game and other high-tech entertainment, headphones have been becoming one of the most popular devices which appears everywhere such as streets, parks, schools and internet rooms or so on. However, using headphone also have a great effect on our health. That is a reason why we must find the best headphones which are not harmful to our body. How to find a quality but cheap products? This article will give you the best headphones under 100 $.
1. Marshall Major II
The price for a Marshall Major II is about 74 dollars. This cost is very friendly with your pocket. This device has a great mixture of different styles and a perfect performance. The plus of this Major II is its durable design with a malleable headband and foldable earcups which have a maximum portability. The re-voiced drivers are up to 40mm and deliver solid performance through the entire sound spectrum. With the gold embellishment, coiled cable, the headphones have a classic looking which makes them more special in among of headphone line in the market.

2.Shure SE112
This is one of the cheapest products in this list with a price of 49 dollars. Despite its price, its quality and voice are very excellent. They get a special dynamic drivers and the passive noise isolation which created by robust silicone ear tips. This strip of rubber is quite soft and accompanies a thick layer of plastic in each earpiece. Therefore, users can manage the noise of outside even when headphones are worn inverted. However, the most outstanding feature of this product is its credible sound. You will be surprised at its commendable level of detail in a lucid, expansive soundstage, especially bass and treble. Therefore, with the low price and excellent quality, these products are one of the devices that you should not miss.
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3. Grado Prestige Series SR80e
In this list, it will be a significant shortcoming. Brooklyn is a big family company which is famous for its penchant for retro-styling, quality construction, and the brilliant performance. Grado Prestige Series SR80e is one of a standard of this branch. They bring a prime piece of Grado’coveted. With a double edged sword, the styly of this device is airy, vividly clear sound. However, you can manage the voice of this headphones; you still hear noise from outside and sometimes, others can listen to what you are hearing. They are not a good choice in the bus or some public place. Anyway, This is still a good product and quite friendly with your poket.
The price for an Grado Prestige Series SR80e is about 99 dollars.
4. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro ($100)
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is the last cheap headphone that we want to introduce to you. This product is outstanding with its rugged construction, studio-inspired coiled cable and crystal clear sound. Therefore, when using this product, you will fell the moments of deeper layers of the music and let your soul contemplate the most beautiful worlds. This products are produced for the studio, so you will not find such products which is the same price in the market. What are you waiting for, just 100 dollars, you can bring this product to your home and enjoin the paradise of felling.
In conclusion, these are four quality and cheap headphones that we want to introduce to you. Hope with this suggestion; you can choose for yourself a suitable product which is high quality and friendly with your pocket.


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