How many kinds of Chain Saw?

What chain saw is a favorite item which is useful in our house. However, according to U.S Consummer Product Safety Commission, there are more than 28,000 accidents involved to them every year. Therefore, the right hand and proper safrty know-how can make the chainsaw become an indisspensable labor- saver.
In reality, Chainsaw has different sizes from small to bigs, corded or cordless, electrics or gas-powered models. Besides, the prices are often tied to enined to the machine for a gas saw and voltage for the electric saw. To find the right model for you, we would like to introduce to you this guide to help you find out the best chainsaw.

1. Shopping Chain Saws By Type.
In the market, the are a lot of type of chainsaw. Therefore, you should consider what you need and have basic information about these type to get the best decision.
A, Gas-Powered Chain Saws.

For these products, they tend to cut more quicly and smothly than others. Their faster chain speech requires less pressure, you can feel comfotable when using this chainsaw. However, most of them are every heavy and noisy. You will spend lots of energy to use them and may meet many complain of neighbour about the sound of this saw. Therefore, please use them in suitable time. They also require fueling and regular service of the air filter and spark plug. It means that you will need extra cost for buying gas or oil and even maitain.
These products are considered as the most expensive products in this list. Another the problem is they are not a environment-friendly product. The fume and noise that they produce during operating cause polution. The chain-bar lengths are from 16- 18 inches for homeowners and longer for professtional models. The cost for gas- Powerd chain Saw is about 180 dollars to 420 dollars.

B, Corded-Electric Chain Saws
Most of electric machine have less cost than gas powered models. Moreover, it is easy to use them than gas products, you just need to plug them in and squeeze the trigger. Besides, they are also lighter. We can easily bring them around. Furthermore, without gas/ oil or batteries, we can use them as long as we have electric power source. We never been worry about how much gas in the machine or how long the lifetime of batteries. However, they have some limits on speech and efficiency of work. We always consider where is the outlet, and never go far away it. They are just suitable for lighter-duty job. Furthermore, the limit of the length of cord also affect the job, you can not bring its out of the length of cable. There casues many unconvience during working. You always consider where the outlet is, and never go far away it.

The cost of these products is formed 70 dollars to 300 dollars.
C, Cordless Electric Chain Saw
These products are operated not by gas or electric, but batteries. These saw free you from the limit of the cord and the fume of gas. However, the cost of this product is not cheap, they are more expensive than the gas saw. Their short run-time per charge and slower speechs is not a plus of this product. If you want to bring them around to the light-duty job, they may be suitable for you. The bar lengths are from 12 inches for battery-powered models. And the price for these product is from 200 dollars to 400 dollars.

D, Electic Loppers.

The fourth products that you should consider are Electric Loppers. This cutting apparatus is mounted two feet away from the shielded and handgrips with a pair of safety jaw. We tested two kinds weighing between five to seven pounds. The lighter type makes it easier to reach a cut, especially if you use the optional extension pole.
The price for an electric lopper is from 75 dollars to 120 dollars. This price is lower than other.


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