What are important things when growing vegetables ?

There, were many housewives who had their own vegetable garden but many housewives did not succeed, for some reasons. Here are a few notes that you need to know before growing vegetables in your home garden to get the best preparation when growing vegetables.
What are important things when growing vegetables

1. You should not plant too early:

Each type of vegetables needs the suitable weather, climate, and soil, and properly, it can grow and develop well.

2. You should select a good location:

There are two factors you need to consider about gardening: water and light. You should choose a place near the source of water for irrigation. Especially you have to choose the direction to be illuminated for at least 6 hours/day. You can use the best led grow light for high times. In the absence of light, the vegetables will grow more hard, less fruit and less sweet than healthy plants.

3. Nutrition of soil:

If you do not care about soil and fertilize too well, nutrient will overload. This is two factors that affect the quality of crops. Each kind of plant has different nutrient requirements and soil fertility, so it is important to understand what you need to grow if you want it to grow healthy, blooming, and fruitful. After selecting the soil type suitable for the vegetable , regular s oil care is also important to ensure a stable source of nutrients for plants. Good soil also nourishes beneficial microorganisms that live in the soil. It is a source of nutrients for plants and limits the emergence of plant diseases.
You should use organic fertilizer because it provides adequate nutrition for the vegetables and fruits, organic fertilizers help to improve the soil, against many diseases.
Nutrition of soil

4. Irrigation is reasonable:

Watering too little or too much is a common mistake or mistake in how to care for the soil. Plants need water to grow and metabolize nutrients; however the plant is too little water, the plant will wither. Or the plants is too much water, it will rot root. Therefore, you need to know what kind of vegetables need the amount of water each day. The irrigation way is also important. Most vegetables need to be thoroughly watered from 1 to 3 times /a week. If the irrigation is too shallow, the roots will only grow near the ground without digging into the ground to absorb water and nutrients.
Plant density just enough

5. Plant density just enough:

Growing too thick, the trees will have to compete for nutrition, light, soil and water. You need to pay attention to sowing seeds in accordance with the guidelines of the distance as well as understand the necessary distance between the trees. Because not all seeds are germinated, the sowing distance may be thicker than the required distance between trees. You should only start with a garden about 2x2m to 3 × 3m. You also should not grow many vegetables at the same time, because it is difficult to care for and control to take care of all types. First, choose the vegetables you like, then gradually grow other types or gradually expand the area of the garden if conditions. If you do not consume all the mature vegetables or mature ripe fruits, remember to harvest them to avoid wasting soil and plants.

6. It is necessary to quickly detect abnormal symptoms:

You do not need to be too cautious or exaggerate the small signs but should observe frequently to detect abnormal symptoms in time. For example, many yellow leaves pitted leaves, insects lay eggs on the underside of leaves. When you spot those dangerous signs you should keep calm down for the most effective solutions. For example, you can search on the internet to find out. It is better for you if you contact a doctor who specializes in treating plants. This article will be very helpful for housewives. Your family will have a clean and quality vegetable garden. Good luck…


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