Choosing the Best 18650 Vape Battery – The Ultimate Guide

When starting vaping, most of the people do not care about what kind of vaporizer or e-cig they’re using. In fact, after long using time, they can realize the difference between the best products with other such as the mood, smoke or even in batteries. While most of the people choose the vape with good looking, other think the quality is the first concern that we should focus. When choosing a quality vape, we not only focus on its price, looking but also its batteries. A good battery will last for a long time. The question is What is the best vape battery. We would like to introduce to you cheap 18650 batteries – one of the best batteries for your vape.

the Best 18650 Vape Battery

Why are 18650 Batteries?

The 18650 is an ideal selection for your vapes, so what is the reason? First, the cells are small and powerful. You don’t need to buy new batteries or external chargers. You do need to worry about any safety problems with built-in batteries, just enjoy your vape as soon as you buy your vaping gear.
In fact, the built-in batteries also provide several advantages. First, when they deteriorate, you just throw away the whole part. Besides, 18650 Batteries also help you control your mod and battery quality. When you load high-quality batteries, you can feel you are in the nine cloud. You can consider between high amperage or high mAh and replace the batteries when they reach the end of life.

the Best 18650 Vape Battery2
1. Amperage and mAh.
The amperage can translate to power. The higher the current, the higher the wattage output that we can have. mAh is Milliamp Hours or also known as the overall life of a battery. Mah and amperage can show you how long battery will last.
In theory, a 2000 mAh will come will 2000 milliamp for one hour or 1000 milliamps for two hours. However, in practice, the batteries are not 100% efficient. Therefore, if you want to get a high mAh and high amperage battery, the batteries are the good choice for you. However, they also have some limitations. First, because of the tradeoff between high current and capacity, if you want to get hight power battery, you will need to compromise on capabilities and vice verse. There are three types of vaping batteries: high capacity with low power, high power with low capacity and there some which are in between.
High voltage, low temperature
If you want to wattage, your battery must offer higher voltage, and you can use two 18650 batteries for some modern mods to get this target. For regulated tools, the batteries don’t need to work every hard but for mechanical. For unregulated mods, the voltage you want high voltage to get those “ hard hít”.voltage means the coil is hotter which make more vapor with bigger clouds and flavor.
However, let consider about the heat of batteries because if we keep high temperatures for a long time, they can get hot enough to vent or burst.

the Best 18650 Vape Battery1

Types of batteries

1. Class One – 3500 mAh: The highest capacity of the Class One is about 350mAh, but they have the lowest discharge.e. 10 amp or less. This ideal battery has the wattage of 30 W and can support the resistance of 0.5 ohm and above.
2. Class Two- 3000 mAh: With a 300 MAH capacity and a slightly higher, 15 amp, discharge, they can be considered as a good candidate for 30-60W mods.
3. Class Three – 2500 mAh: the capacity is about 2500mAh, and the discharge comes wit 20 amps. They are suitable for medium wattage.i.e. 60 to 80 watt.
4. Class Four- 2000mAh: the type has a capacity of 2000mAh and is suitable for wattage between 80 to 120 W. Besides, they can support low resistance such as 0.12 ohm.
Hope with this article; you have more knowledge this modern and useful product in the life. sIn conclusion, these are some basic information of the 18650 lithium-charged battery.


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